Something but everything!!

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Richa is a 14 year old girl.She is a girl who belongs a very rich family.She can buy anything she wants.She can have some priety good clothes to wear,delicious food to eat ,fabulous friends with whome she can hang out and very caring father to care of her.But inspite of having everything she is not glad at all.She always miss something in her life and this ‘something’ mean everything for her .And this everything is the most beautiful creature on earth called ‘Mother’.Richa is one of those childs who lost this fragnance in her life at the age of 3.She lost her mother in a car accident.Whenever she sees her friends’s mother her mind always get chocked up with anxiety.She always ask to God with heavy mind “Why dd you do this to me?” ,but get failed to recieve any reply from him.Her father Anil make a lot of efforts to fill up her wounds and try to behave with child like mother and father too.But inspite of his all efforts the condition of his daughter always remain the same.

After doing each and every worthless efforts, Anil finally decides to keep a female servant as a caretaker of her daughter Richa.He wants to appoint some sophisticated lady who can take care of her like a mother.After few days her father give this job to a lady named,Avantika.Avantika is a very poor women who live lonely and work as a garland seller outside the Shidhivinayak temple in order to keep her body working.

Richa use to call Avantika as ‘Maasi’ because she feel the essence of a mother inside her.After getting Avantika in her life Richa starts to fly on cloud nine.She use to depend on her like a mother.Everyday, coming back to home from school , she use to share each and every thing with Avantika an avantika also get engaged in her childish activities like child.Both of them have discovered a unbreakable bond.

Few years past away.Today is the day of Richa’s marraige.Everyone is filling the hands of bride with mehandi.The whole atmosphere of house is full of joy.No one is seen sitting idle.Everyone is roaming from here and there.Some where dancing on music beats.Some where enjoying the whole environment.But after few hours a silence come in between this fabulous environment.Richa’s uncle

,Rajeshstarts shouting on avantika and,bring her in front of everyone by pulling her from inside.

Anil asks “what’s the matter brother?’

Rajesh:- “Your servant ,Avantika is a thief.I have seen her steeling jwellery from the almirah of Richa.Call up the police now.”

Richa get shocked after listing this.She said “No uncle you are having some misunderstanding.She can’t do this.She is my maasi.”

Rajesh:- “No beta.You can’t understand these low class people.They are all same.Just see her hand .you can see the jwellery box.It proove thattshe get inside your room to steel your jwellery.”

Without listening to any more words.Rajesh immediately make her arrested.Avantika begged a lot but no one was there to listen her.Richa couldn’t tolerate all this she run inside her room and cry alot and after few hours she get into dreams.On next morning when she opens her almirah she saw the same jwellery box.she just open it and saw a chunri stiched up with torned but sparkling human made laces.she just picks it up and find small piece of paper lying behind it.she opened the folded paper and starts reading it.

To ,


From many days i have been waiting for same day to come.I want to give this to you but I don’t want to make you feel embrassing to gift you such a pity thing,so decided to pack this and hide inside your almirah.With you I found the answer of “why Yashoda is called the mother of krishna’.And for me you my krishna my child.God bless you.

Yours Maasi.

PS:This fiction was written on mother’s day,10 may.

PS:Sorry for posting it too late.

PS:Bhopal is getting hotter day by day.

PS:Missing Rain 😦 .

PS:Song of the day:Lag ja gale by Lata Mageshkar.

PS: I know, I know its too old but can’t help..her voice rocks in this song.

PS:Gotto go byee 🙂


In Search of you…

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Our eyes were always                                                                              in search of yours,
But We had always seen  you,
in the pockets of others.

We keep on roaming
from here and there.
But you kept yourself ,away from us,
So can’t found you anywhere.

Yours dreams in our eyes keeps on moving,
even in the daylight without any care.
But your absence in our life,
Makes our night-dreams ,a nightmare.

We tried to make your sketch,
but we found you shapeless.
We tried to buy you with money,
but people says you are priceless.

You are as beautiful as anyone.
You are in the demand of everyone.
We rush all together, to catch you,
but people says you are
always in hand of special ones.

We interviewed all those special ones,
in order to unlock your secret.
We asked them millions of questions about you,
so that your’s unlocking key get prepared.

We asked them that “Can we get you?”
They answered “Ofcourse you all can.”
We interrupted “How to get you?
They replied “Via key made up of three elements..”.

We quested “What are those three elements?”
They answered without hesitation..
“They are Hardwork,
 dedicaton and self motivation.”.

We tried to extract all these ,
from the mines lying inside ourselves.
And made a unlocking key,
by the help of these elements.

We advanced towards your way,
In order to open the door which locked you.
We keyed the key inside,opened the door,
And found “Failure” but not you.

We saw another locked gate,
and tried to open it too..
But again we found same piece of paper,
On which the word “Failure” spread through..

Most of us returned back to our home,
by the dissapoinment of not getting you.
But the left ones opened one more door,
And finally found the gift ,that is you.                                                                                                       
We questioned “why you were lying behind?”
You simply smiled and replied,
“I am a pearl named success,
which can only be found ,
under the heap of failure’s dust and sand.”

NOTE: The biggest hurdle in the path of success is fear of failure..  🙂

PS: Be always successful thats my wishes for you all..

PS: From last few days I recruited two important qualities of mine..

PS: 1.That is I am getting too lazy bieng active..

PS: 2. On the other hand I am getting too much active for bieng lazy..LOL

PS: Project work is  on head..Sai baba please help me out 😦

PS: Song of the day: Tere Naina by Kailash kher ..

PS: Take carezz!!


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Ye yaadein bhi badi ajeeb hoti hai.

Kabhi mann se door,

toh kabhi mann ke kareeb hoti hai.


Kabhi Phoolon si naazuk,

Toh kabhi kaanton si kathorr hoti hai.

Kabhi toh mann se door,

toh kabhi mann ke kareeb hoti hai.

Ye yaadien bhi badi ajeeb hoti hai.


Kabhi toh parchaayi si dhundli.

toh kabhi kisi tasveer si spast hoti hai.

Kabhi toh hauslon si bulland,

toh kabhi nakamiyaabi si pastt hoti hai.


Kabhi toh kisi ka bana hua,

Toh kabhi kisi ka bigda naseeb hoti hai.

Kabhi to mann se door toh,

Toh kabhi mann ke kareeb hoti hai..

Ye yaadein bhi badi ajeeb hoti hai.


Kabhi toh aankhon ki chamak,

toh kabhi gaalon pe bikhra hua moti hoti hai.

Kabhi toh honton pe chayi mayusi,

toh kabhi honton ki hasi hoti hai.


Kehte hai log yaad ek kaanta hai,

jo faasley badne par chubhta hai.

Par hakeekat to ye hai ki ye ehsaas hai.

Jo kahin na kahin ,

Hamare akele  mann ke sang rupta hai.


Jhoote hai woh log,

Jo kehte hai ki ye yaadien badi ajeeb hai..

Ye toh woh suljhi hui hasti hai..

Jo logon main duriya hone par bhi,

Unhe laati kareeb hai..


PS:Another sentimental poem..

PS:Don’t get too much senti in order to not get mental 😛

PS:IPL matches are on and Mumbai Indian won..Yippy

PS:Its been too long that i have written something..

PS:Hope so u like it..

PS:If not ..then sorry i m learning..

PS:Song of the day:”Somebody is me” from Insomniac.

PS:Gotto leave feeling sleepy..

PS:Byee. 🙂



The Call

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Radhika woke up at 7 A.M.She rubbed her eyes and went out of her room to pick up toothcleaners.Her mother was doing some work in the kitchen as she always do..Radhika just soaked her water covered face with towel and went inside the kitchen in order to wish her mom Good Morning…She replied “Good Morning” with a smile and kissed on her cheeck…Now you can understand why she used to
wished her “Good Morning” like a achcha bacha :P..
Everything was going smooth as it always happens but after few hours the phone ring

came.Her mother picked up the phone and said “Hello”…

From another side no reply came..So she disconnected the call..

After few minutes again the ring came,but asusual nobody replied from the other side..Again the bell rang but this time Radhika picked it up..

She said “Hello”.

“Hello Dear”.From another side a manly voice came.

Radhika replied “Whose this?”

“Your lover..” ,the caller replied.

Radhika: “Whatt??Wrong number..”,and she disconnected the call..

After few seconds the phone again responded.She Picked up the reciever and said “hello” in a nervous tone..From the other side the same voice came..

he said “May be the number is wrong but the person is right..I am your Mr. Right..”

She Replied “Who the hell are you?”

He said “Your Lover..I said you previously”

She said “Youuu…….”

He replied “Your lover..hahaha”

She said “Don’t be oversmart and just put off the call “.

He said “No dear I called you to hear your sweet voice”.

She replied ” How disgusting?You guys don’t have any work to do?”

He replied “Nopes Mam”.

She said “Ok..So waste your time..And get lost..byee”

He replied “So let me waste my time by hearing your voice’

She said “Oh Godd! Listen Mister..I have work to do..Not useless like you ok..So don’t waste my time”.

He replied “So what do you do?”

She replied “Thats none of your business.I Can’t understand what you get by making such mock calls.Wastage of money,wastage of time and get nothing else.Just get lost

and never ever call again”.

She just put off the phone without listening to his reply..The ring came again but don’t picked up call and disconnected it.

For few days the same call came again and again but she never picked it up.This incidence has disturbed her alot..She felt nervous whenever his phone came.After few days the caller stopped calling due to her negligance.And she felt relaxed..After  13-14 days she completely forgotten the whole incidence and paced up her life smoothly again..

But What do you think she is the only Radhika to suffer with this?

May be there are many Radhikas,who had faced this in their life and every one had forgotten it after few days.Everyone had tackled the situation in her own way even after feeling nervous from inside.

But What to do about these callers?




WiLl yOu Be My VaLeNtInE???

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  Sometimes you don’t give me  a sight,
sometimes you hesitate to stand by my side.
But still having a little hope in my heart
that one day you will  come into my life.

You don’t know how much I miss you.
You don’t know ,I only take breathe for you.
I know it can’t happen now,
but  one day all this will be known to you.

My love ! those are only your feet,
Who gave impression over my sand.
Its only you in my waking dreams.
Its only you i am thinking from night to dawn.

Oh my love! read my silent mind
& keep your palm once over my hand.
I promise you,I will all be yours,
Just for once you say,you will be mine.

I know its very criticle task to reach you.
There may be millions of quests i have to pass too.
I don’t know whether I will sink or swim?
I am only attracting towards the shore which belongs to you.

Today is valentine’s day,a perfect day to say all this i guess.
My blood is getting cold inside,Will you say no or yes?
But still I am gaining some power to say this to you
that MCA  will you be my valentine ?Oh please express!!


PS: I know its another psycho type post..But can’t help i m in Deep love with MCA  😛
PS: Hey 14th post on 14 feb what a coincedence..hehe.
PS:  bye to blogging world uptil march..Reason isexams are comming.
PS: I hate March for two reason.
PS: 1. I hate examinations which come only in same month.
PS: 2. I hate playing Holi..But still happy holi in advance..Don’t waste water..
PS: Hmm so today is valentines day.So wishing you a very happy valentine’s day.
PS: So some special songs for this day:
PS: 1. “Sonio from Movie Raaz” by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal .
PS: 2. “Tu muskura- Yuvraaj”   by Alka Yagnik n Javed Ali.
PS: 3. “Mera pehla pehla pyaar-MP3″ by K.K.
PS: 4.”Laagi tumse mann ki lagan-Paap”  by  Rahat fateh Ali Khan.
PS: 5.”Saamne ye kaun aya-Jawani deewani (old)” by Kishore kumar .
PS: Ohk I know I am boring you so this is the end of PS  byee. 😉

ThOsE 250 RuPeEs!!

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Sometimes life give us leasons filled with essence of smile.I,Akshara Mehta,  had also faced something like this.
I remember the days when i was ill due to minor fever and enjoying the happy days of my illness.I said happy
days cause during those days i was perfectly sticking to my hobby of bieng lazy,hobby of lying on bed with no work.
Everythingwas just perfect.But as someone had said “nothing is perfect”,the same imperfection was also lying behind
 those beautiful days.Actually it had been over more than 15 days that i had not attended any lectures of my college.I was
completely isolated from the college’s environment.It was the time of afternoon.My mobile got a ring of unknown number.
As I was busy in enjoying my rest ,so i asked mom-“Mummy please pick up the call”.
She picked up the call and talk for a while and  disconnected it.
I questioned “who was on call?”
She replied with a smile “Your professor ‘Neenaji’ “.
I replied “Neena Mam ?What was reason to call at home?Is anything seriously?Well ur exulting facial expression not
showing that anything serious is getting inside that.”
She said “Yeah! Its a matter to be exult.Its a matter to throw a party.Your college’s annual function is going and you
are specially invited”.I said “Whattt?What are you saying ?I don’t want to attend that boring function.And you know
i am ill,so how can i go there?I think they are not getting any public for their function thats why making such mock calls.
They are making us fool.And just matter of fact that how can i ,Who is just a student of this college be a special memberrrr?
I think that something is going wrong.I have decided to not to leave my
lovely bed anymore.I am not going.”
She said ” How can you say you can’t be special member.My child its a Annual  function and award function too and they
are going to award the toppers of college and i think you are the topper of your previous class not you?”
After hearing this i was surprised.I thought ” is it dream or what?Am I really going to awarded?”Now my whole body
was facing the thrill inside and out.My heart was pumping at its highest pace.
I said “Mom is it a dream?I mean I can’t believe that such beautiful days can also come in my life.”
She said “Nopes!Its not dream.Its 100% true.But I think you are feeling ill  so better to take rest.So we are not going okkk..”
I replied “No way..I am going.I am not ill mom.I just want to go.I just don’t want to make this day to be wasted..I am ready to go”
She said “But its having boring function you told me previously.Are you ready to face it”
I said “Sure Mom .I can endure 100 of functions like these to just get those precious seconds into my life.”
She said ” Ohk Beta..Be ready to get those seconds.Get ready for function.It is from 6 .00 p.m.Its getting late.The clock is showing
5:00 now.And yess do take care of yourself.Tell us when you feel uneasy there.We will be back when you say.”
I said “Don’t worry Mom .I know that ‘tu hai toh i’ll be alright’ .Mom when will Papa come?”
She said “I called him.He will be there on time.Not to worry.You get ready”
I get up in hurry from my bed.Picked up a dress & get ready as soon as possible.Me and my Mom get out of the home.Locked up
the door and get down to pick a empty cab.The clock was showing 5:40 and we had  to be there with in 20 minutes.After 5 min
we got a cab.Mom and me get inside it and makes ourself comfortable.But what were we seeing?I was totally a Jam in between.
I cursed my luck.I thought I’ll not be there at time and will loose those moment.I was feeling uneasy inside but also eager to reach
there.After 10 minutes the road got clean and we successfully reached there not at time but about 30 minutes late.But i wa relaxed
that atleast we reached there.We got seated on the 2nd row of the audience’s chairs.It was the end of the principle’s speech.
I was happy that I had not endured it yippy.
After 15 mins Papa reached there and got seated on our side chairs.I was happy to see him there.He also smiled for a while and
finally we started enduring that boring function.It had been over 5 speeches of  about 5 min each.My eyes were becaming heavy.
I was feeling sleepy.Suddenly Papa said into my ear “I think your Neena Mam make you fool”
I said “Hmmm..Lets see.My heart got sinking down and down.”
But now the award function got started.Firstly Merit list students were awarded.It was a long list I can say.About 15-20 students were
there.I settled down my nerves.
Again papa said “Beta I think you are made fool.Better to leave now.I think you are not going to be awarded.Its only for Merit
students.Not for you .”
I said “No Papa I don’t think so.You wait.Let see what happen.I just want to face this day.”
And suddenly a announcement was done “now the toppers of the college are going to be awarded with a certificate and 250 Rs.”
My heart started dancing.My fever was gone.I was just counting the seconds.I was waiting to hear my name.And yes my name got
I suddenly got up and reached the stage to grab my award .My eyes were glitering.And then i again reached to my seat.
My Mom said ” Congratulations Akshara.God bless you.Now lets go its getting late.”
I said “Ok mummy.”
Finally after 20 minutes we get out of the function hall and suddenly Papa said “Good..Now we got back the cab fare that was
250 Rs.”
I was totally surprised by hearing such words from my father’s mouth.I thought he will be happy to know that I am awarded .But he
was thinking only of those 250 Rs.I said “Papa from beginning only you are discouraging me.I think you don’t have any value for
this award the only think you value is moneyy.Ohk you want money you keep it with yourself but don’t talk to me ever.I don’t
expected this from you.”
Finally we reached home.I get into home and start advancing towards my room to get my sleep.But my father interrupted in
between.He said “Akshara come here.”I said ” what happen?”He replied “Akshara you think that I want those 250 Rs.
Nopes beta.You just keep those 250rs with yourself and promise me not to spent it on any commodity forever.Becuase its not money.
Its not salary.It is remeberance that you can  hope for your dreams to be completed .I said that it is  a return of cab fare because i
want to know your reaction .I was questing that how much this money matters for you and i felt that this money is having precious
value in you eyes.I am not taking it.Its yours and will always be yours.Sometimes  shocks to be given in order to make things understand
and I was doing the same thats it”.Finally I understood the whole thing and now I understood the value of those 250 Rs.Thanks
Papa to give me such unforgettable leason.Thank you so much for  such beautiful shock.
PS:Is it a good post?

PS:Movie I would like to watch again and again is one and only “Rehna hai tere dil main”It rocks yaar. 🙂

PS:Question no. 1 of the day:Who is the best actor of year 2008 according to you?Amir khan,Shahrukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan.

PS:My answer is “Hrithik” 😉

PS:Question no. 2 of the day: Who is the best actress of year 2008?

PS:Options are Genelia,Genelia or Genelia 😛 .Sorry no other options hehehe.

PS:Song of the day: “In dino” from ‘life in a metro’

PS: buh bye. 🙂


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It is a incidence which took place over 5000000000 minutes ago or may be more than that(my maths is too weak).
It was sunday or may be monday( again my memory is bad too).The clock’s sticks were showing 12 at midnight.
Suddenly I heard lightening sound in my ears.I woke up in hurry and opened my room’s window.I felt the cool
breeze blowing all over the clouds & suddenly saw a spacecraft advancing towards me.I was totally scared & thought
“What the hell is going on and why this spacecraft  has got only my place to land?”.But suddenly I saw a immensely
powerful light coming out from the opening a gate and saw a beautiful face which had completely glued my eyes over
it.I was amazed that”Does aliens look so beautiful like this?”I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself to get out of the dream.
But it all was truth.I asked to him”Who are you?”He replied “I am God”.
ME: “What rubbish?You are God?”
GOD: “Yes I am God my child”
ME: : “Ok.If you are God then let me believe .Give me the proof”
GOD: “Hmm..Let me explain.Yesterday you were remembering me.You were confused about what talent you have”
ME: “Yeah..but how could you know”
GOD: “Stupid ,because i am God.Can’t you understand?”
ME: “Oh yes.Please forgive me for such stupid Questions.”
GOD: “Ok my son”.
ME: “Wait ..Let me correct you.I am your daughter not son”. 😛
GOD: “Hahaha..Ya ya ok my daughter”.
ME: “So you came to make wish true..Cho Chweet of you”.
GOD: “Yes thanks and yeah I came here for same”
ME: “So remove my confusion”
GOD: “Ok”.
He took out a small lappy from his carry bag & tried to find something”.
ME:”God! You also use laptops.Great.”
GOD:”Why not?If my creations are using it then  why not me?”
ME:”Yeah ..You are right.Well what are you trying to find?”
GOD:”Well I am opening the application software-MNKM”
ME: “MNKM??Whats that?”
GOD:”It is Manviya Nipunta Khoj Mandal-a talent providing application program”
ME: “Hehehe..Well i wish we human bieng should also creat such software”
GOD: “Hmm..Well tell me your name.I have to give entry in it.”
ME: “Ok ..My name is Vishakha Thakur”
GOD: “Occupation?”
ME: “Unemployed till now.Well I am a student”
GOD: “Ok .I will sujgest  you some talents name.You decide in which one you want to go through”
ME: “haha..Your software seems to be counceller”
GOD: “Shut up your mouth and start answering my question”
ME: “Ok Ok..Sorry.Don’t get angry. ”
GOD: “Would you like to be dancer?”
ME: “Nopes I don’t like it much.”
GOD: “What about Painting?”
ME:” No way..I try to make something and finally make something else”
GOD:”Hahaha..Ok Ok .Hows singing?”
ME: “Singing? I don’t want to be another Himesh Reshamiya” 😛
GOD: (scratching head) “Actress?No no better to choose another option”
ME: “Actress..Oh yes yes why not.It needs a mirror cracking personality & you know one day
when I was standing in front of mirror ,it got cracked”
GOD: (Murmuring) “Ya only mirror knows the reason why it got cracked”.
ME:”What?What did you said?Please repeat.”
GOD:”No nothing my child.Its vacancy is full so better to choose another”
ME: “Ok”
GOD: “well what about sports?”
ME: “Next.”
GOD: (Frustrated) “Then what the hell do you want?My all options are over now.”
ME : “See You also getting frustrated na.Thats why i was also confused at that day.Tell me God
will my wish forever be incomplete?”
GOD :” think in which you are good”
After thinking for a while I said.
ME:”Well..Hmm I am very good at speaking and thinking nonsense & craps but its not a talent I think so.”
GOD: “No way.It also a rare talent my daughter..Just explore your talent ‘Crapology’ ”
ME: “Crapology..Amazing name ”
GOD: “Yes I know..Now I am going bye”
ME: (Shouting) “Goddddd”
GOD: “Whattt?”
ME:”Give me the power to explore this crapology”
ME: “thanks God.”
Finally the whole things got vanished in front of my eyes and one day the founder of ‘Crapology’ came into
existence,that is me..Get ready to be bored. 😛

PS: Longest post of my blog.
PS: I know its boring but its My favourite work of fiction uptil now according to me.
PS: Wishing that slumdog millioniare get oscar.Twisted my fingers.
PS: Republic Day is coming yippy.Happy republic day in advance.India Rocks.                                                                                       
PS: SONG OF THE DAY : humsafar hai  – Dil kabaddi by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan..