It is a incidence which took place over 5000000000 minutes ago or may be more than that(my maths is too weak).
It was sunday or may be monday( again my memory is bad too).The clock’s sticks were showing 12 at midnight.
Suddenly I heard lightening sound in my ears.I woke up in hurry and opened my room’s window.I felt the cool
breeze blowing all over the clouds & suddenly saw a spacecraft advancing towards me.I was totally scared & thought
“What the hell is going on and why this spacecraft  has got only my place to land?”.But suddenly I saw a immensely
powerful light coming out from the opening a gate and saw a beautiful face which had completely glued my eyes over
it.I was amazed that”Does aliens look so beautiful like this?”I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself to get out of the dream.
But it all was truth.I asked to him”Who are you?”He replied “I am God”.
ME: “What rubbish?You are God?”
GOD: “Yes I am God my child”
ME: : “Ok.If you are God then let me believe .Give me the proof”
GOD: “Hmm..Let me explain.Yesterday you were remembering me.You were confused about what talent you have”
ME: “Yeah..but how could you know”
GOD: “Stupid ,because i am God.Can’t you understand?”
ME: “Oh yes.Please forgive me for such stupid Questions.”
GOD: “Ok my son”.
ME: “Wait ..Let me correct you.I am your daughter not son”. 😛
GOD: “Hahaha..Ya ya ok my daughter”.
ME: “So you came to make wish true..Cho Chweet of you”.
GOD: “Yes thanks and yeah I came here for same”
ME: “So remove my confusion”
GOD: “Ok”.
He took out a small lappy from his carry bag & tried to find something”.
ME:”God! You also use laptops.Great.”
GOD:”Why not?If my creations are using it then  why not me?”
ME:”Yeah ..You are right.Well what are you trying to find?”
GOD:”Well I am opening the application software-MNKM”
ME: “MNKM??Whats that?”
GOD:”It is Manviya Nipunta Khoj Mandal-a talent providing application program”
ME: “Hehehe..Well i wish we human bieng should also creat such software”
GOD: “Hmm..Well tell me your name.I have to give entry in it.”
ME: “Ok ..My name is Vishakha Thakur”
GOD: “Occupation?”
ME: “Unemployed till now.Well I am a student”
GOD: “Ok .I will sujgest  you some talents name.You decide in which one you want to go through”
ME: “haha..Your software seems to be counceller”
GOD: “Shut up your mouth and start answering my question”
ME: “Ok Ok..Sorry.Don’t get angry. ”
GOD: “Would you like to be dancer?”
ME: “Nopes I don’t like it much.”
GOD: “What about Painting?”
ME:” No way..I try to make something and finally make something else”
GOD:”Hahaha..Ok Ok .Hows singing?”
ME: “Singing? I don’t want to be another Himesh Reshamiya” 😛
GOD: (scratching head) “Actress?No no better to choose another option”
ME: “Actress..Oh yes yes why not.It needs a mirror cracking personality & you know one day
when I was standing in front of mirror ,it got cracked”
GOD: (Murmuring) “Ya only mirror knows the reason why it got cracked”.
ME:”What?What did you said?Please repeat.”
GOD:”No nothing my child.Its vacancy is full so better to choose another”
ME: “Ok”
GOD: “well what about sports?”
ME: “Next.”
GOD: (Frustrated) “Then what the hell do you want?My all options are over now.”
ME : “See You also getting frustrated na.Thats why i was also confused at that day.Tell me God
will my wish forever be incomplete?”
GOD :” think in which you are good”
After thinking for a while I said.
ME:”Well..Hmm I am very good at speaking and thinking nonsense & craps but its not a talent I think so.”
GOD: “No way.It also a rare talent my daughter..Just explore your talent ‘Crapology’ ”
ME: “Crapology..Amazing name ”
GOD: “Yes I know..Now I am going bye”
ME: (Shouting) “Goddddd”
GOD: “Whattt?”
ME:”Give me the power to explore this crapology”
ME: “thanks God.”
Finally the whole things got vanished in front of my eyes and one day the founder of ‘Crapology’ came into
existence,that is me..Get ready to be bored. 😛

PS: Longest post of my blog.
PS: I know its boring but its My favourite work of fiction uptil now according to me.
PS: Wishing that slumdog millioniare get oscar.Twisted my fingers.
PS: Republic Day is coming yippy.Happy republic day in advance.India Rocks.                                                                                       
PS: SONG OF THE DAY : humsafar hai  – Dil kabaddi by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan..


13 Responses to “MNKM”

  1. The MNKM concept was certainly gr8 n innovative……..BTW I just calculated the time “5000000000 minutes” in years….r u that old [:P]

  2. seems like somebody here is a master of crapology and i thought i am an expert in it 😛

    p.s longest post?…my blog has very loooooong posts
    p.s not boring..this was an innovative conept
    p.s slumdog really is a gr8 one…hope it does win oscars
    p.s happy republic day to u too!

  3. good job again… very creative

    it reminded me of sm1 else’s post…. the god element…

  4. For once, I really thought…. it will make sense.

    u r master at crapology !!

    (my dumb computer is saying…. there is spell mistake in ur ‘talent’, dumb na?)

  5. @Ashish gourav
    Hahah you calculated that lolzz..well even i don’t know the answer of calculation .the reason i wrote previously ie my maths is too week. 🙂
    thank u for considering it creative.Waiting for ur next post to have a look on it
    keep reading!!


    Thanks this the most satisfactory comment i get uptil now.
    Ps: yes i gone thru it they are too long but i still want to go thru ur blog and specially poems.surely do comment on it.You write amazing.
    Ps:Thanks for not finding it boring 🙂
    Ps:Yeah me too hoping same.
    Ps:Thanks for wishing.let me wish u same & welcome to my blog.. 🙂

    thanks girl!!
    well about the god element you are telling that i m also finding same thing.I have also gone thru some blogs which uses God as a character.But
    when i was writting this post then this conversations are going Btw my mind & me .The only thing i changed that i use God in place of mind becoz
    “Mujhe mere mann main rab dikhta hai” 😛 lolz jokes apart..
    thanks for ur neutral which (+ve) part keep me encouraging
    and (-ve) also tell me where i m wrong.
    Keep reading and commenting also!!

    Haha thanks for considering me talented and that i know, i m not.Well
    Crapology is nothing but something which makes u reason to smile
    and sometimes making sense too.
    thanks for comment. u never miss to read & comment on my post.Thanku MR. loyal reader.thanks a lot 🙂

  6. well, I surely don’t know u well….. but from your writings, I am sure of one talent which u really possess, (n that’s the reason i never miss ur posts :P)

  7. ohh u might wish to know the talent….. 😛

    Talent to be Happy 😀

  8. YO!!…dear i guess this is the confusion we all(most of the)..teenagers have in our minds..

    Nicely interpreted..though!!

    i liked it..

    So my best wishes are there for you..for Explorng ion Crapology..LOL.. 😛

  9. @Himanshu

    Thanks for ur words 🙂


    Hmm i think u r right
    and sure agar tera ashirwaad to insaah-allah yakeenan main apne mission main kamyaab rahungi
    aaameeen ..Lolzz 😛
    thanks for taking this post nicely
    keep reading!!

  10. The conversations with God have always been quite interesting. 😛
    And this one’s no exception….

    Crapology..Hmm.. Well this is no crap… lolzz..

    Good going..
    Tathaastu.. 😛

  11. @intutius

    Hmmm its all about ‘crapology’ not crap lolzz
    Btw all
    Dhanyawaad Geed 😀
    Keep reading!!

  12. how did I forgot to comment on this ? 😛
    nice concept….! 😀
    keep blogging and keep reading good books:P and keep writing good short stories like these…
    rock on!!!

  13. @unbreakable
    Thanku 🙂
    I am very happy to see this comment. 😀
    rock on!!!

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